What I do

My Story

Hello, it’s Jan, the guy who can help you to save several hours, even days and a lot of your energy when arranging internet connection at your new home.

I have been doing this business the 5th year now and I am specialized on foreigners, non-Czech speaking customers. I got learned all available processes (by the way they changed almost every half year J), I have many useful contacts at operators, I can answer you almost every your question about Internet.

I started as a door-2-door vendor and during this phase I have experienced one very important thing: People want to buy, want to order, want to get in contact with me or whatever, when they feel I can help them, I can advise them, I can guide them through a jungle of new, unknown things, language restrictions, and lack of experience… Since I got this experience I am growing…

So I want to invite you to join me, go through the adventure of arranging internet with me and experience the same portion of happiness as hundreds people before you. The happiness to have someone who will not leave you alone, who will help you to have running internet at home at minimum lost (of your time, your energy, nerves and money).  This way is FOR FREE for you, you cannot loose, only WIN.

Since my motto is: I DO MAXIMUM SO THAT YOU NEED TO DO MINIMUM. And another one: HELP, AND YOU WILL BE HELPED. I am sorry, this is not from my head, I took the second motto from my former colleague, who helped me a lot in the past. I have to ask him if he has been helped, too 😀

My Vision